Bristol Metal Company, Inc.

The metal melting industry runs on Bristol Metal!
What We Sell
Concerned with meeting your purchasing needs, Bristol Metal’s utmost priority is to provide quality product and service. 

Sourcing scrap from the aerospace industry, utility companies, government agencies, and other recyclers and dealers, we can provide a steady supply of quality product to metal users and mills throughout the world. We generate scrap using a variety of processing methods: sorting, shredding, shearing, cutting, baling, briquetting and/or chopping.

Call today for a list of our current inventory available for purchase.

 We sell a variety of high temperature alloys:


· Nickel-based alloys

· Inconel™

· Hastelloys™

· Waspaloy™

· Cobalt and cobalt alloys

· Titanium

· Stainless steel

· Rene


Sales Contact: Angelo Stanzione, Jr. at 401-253-4070.

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